Skipping your breakfast results increase Blood Sugar Level

Skipping your breakfast results increase Blood Sugar Level

Having meals on time is essential for our body function. Meals with balanced food items provide necessary nutrients. We must have our meals like breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the proper time.

However, with a busy lifestyle, people change their food habits frequently. Meanwhile, we end up with gastritis, acidity, cholesterol, High Blood pressure, weight gain, etc.

You may think you may lose weight by skipping meals, but it will affect your metabolism. Moreover, it will increase Blood Sugar Levels and has a higher risk of Type-2-diabetes.

Importance of having breakfast punctually:

To boost energy level:

 Around 8-10 hours we do not eat anything at night. And at that time glycogen in the liver breaks down and releases glucose into the blood. This procedure keeps our blood sugar level stable at night.

And once the glycogen stores exhaust, our body starts breaking down fatty acids to produce energy needs. However, this breaking down reduces energy levels.

Many people think by skipping breakfast, they can cut calories. But this practice will lower their energy level. Therefore, to boost your energy levels all day long must have breakfast on time.

Breakfast controls your weight:

Having breakfast can prevent fluctuations in sugar levels. So you feel energetic and also do not grab any food to relieve your hunger. In this way, breakfast helps control weight.

Add on essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients:

A healthy breakfast will add more essential nutrients like iron, calcium, protein, etc. Hence, you feel less fatigue. And those essential nutrients improvised immunity. You do not fall sick if you have strong immunity.

How does skipping breakfast increase my blood sugar levels?

People often skip breakfast with excuses of not having time or hunger. However, this habit increases your hunger. And you will overeat at lunch and dinner. This overeating habit will increase blood sugar levels certainly.

What should I eat in breakfast to control my blood sugar level?

Indian diet is full of carbohydrates. And many carbohydrates will increase blood sugar levels. Therefore, add healthy food to your breakfast. Add colourful fruit and vegetables that are full of antioxidants. Also, give yourself protein boosts with pulses, eggs, and chicken. Here are some food examples one can eat

  • Oats are full of fiber and nutrients. Also, you will feel full for a long.
  • Have a bowl Poha with all veggies
  • Ragi
  • Bajra Khichdi is full of nutrients. Also, you will feel full by having it.
  • Moong Dal Paratha is a tasty and healthy way to add protein to the diet.
  • Add egg to your breakfast
  • Dalia
  • Rawa Upma with vegetables
  • Chicken Soup

Bottom Line:

Researchers have found that a lighter dinner and heavy breakfast will help balance blood sugar levels. This is because being hungry body absorbs maximum energy from lunch or dinner. And that causes a sudden increase in blood sugar levels. Thus, having a healthy breakfast with fewer carbohydrates will keep you healthy.

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