Five effective ways to improve skin health

Five effective ways to improve skin health

If we can imagine our body as a house then our skin is certainly called the window to our body that reflects the story of our life. Be it an acne outbreak during adolescence or dullness of your skin or radiant glow of pregnancy or the brown spot on the sun-exposed area – everything gets reflected in our skin. Our skin is a multitasker and has got several functions to play. The primary role of it is to stand vigilant between the line between our body and the outside world to protect us from pollution, virus, and bacteria. So basically, healthy skin is defined by bright glowing skin and therefore, five easy hacks to enhance your skin that we can try at home.

Wash Your Face

Throughout the day our face stays exposed to pollution and sun, where UV rays, perspiration, dirt, oil, and other unwanted debris, and pollution in the air constantly damage our skin. If we do not remove these grimy substances from our faces with a proper wash, they penetrate deep into the pores of the skin and create skin issues. Generally, face washing a minimum of twice a day is necessary. Once we wake up in the morning we wash our face because our face produce oil and we again wash right before going to bed to remove make-up and other harmful substance from our face that we carry throughout the day. We can also wash our face after physical exercise to remove the sweat from the face. But one thing to remember is that only a mild face wash with natural foams without harmful sulfates should be applied.

Get More Sleep

We all have heard about “Beauty Sleep”. It helps us enter a peaceful deep sleep and that enables our body to enter recovery mode to produce growth hormones. The main function of growth hormones is to reconstruct the new cells that protect our skin from any damage done during the day. This is why our bodies require a minimum of 7 to 9 hours of good sleep every night for reparation, rejuvenation, and restoration. It’s more like standing in the shower of vitality every night, as our skin produces new collagen when we sleep. It will be wonderful practice if we can wind down just thirty minutes before sleep.

Breathe Clean Air

As we all agree that air is an inevitable element for our survival, hence we need to breathe the purest form of air for the best quality of life. Because the air that we breathe is an indispensable element for our life and is essential to run the primary function of all the cells in our body. It must be pure because as possible because air cherishes the lungs with oxygen, then blood and, consequently, the rest of the body part. Therefore, a wide range of air pollution and smoking can overtly damage our skin health, forming harmful free radicals and causing skin issues. In case we find it difficult to stay away from these, we can take the help of nontoxic products so that our skin repairs. We can also consider some effective organic face wash with antioxidants to ward off the damage being done to our skin by the polluted air.

Drink Water

The shocking fact is that a lot of us are still unaware that drinking water is so powerful for our skin and overall health. By sufficient water intake, we can flush out the toxins (mainly harmful toxins) in our bodies to improve skin health. Our skin protects us by storing lipids, preventing fluid loss, and serving as thermoregulation. Sufficient water intake is the most natural way to get that radiant, bright, and healthy skin that we all look for. Because water nourishes the skin from the inside. Dehydrated skin looks very dull and dry and makes aging lines more noticeable. It can also enhance dark areas around your eyes and nose. We must avoid drinking too much of coffee and alcohol as they highly dehydrate the skin. Besides drinking water, eating sufficient vegetables and fruits, having regular exercise and 7 to 8 hours of good sleep can also keep your skin hydrated.

Wear Sunscreen

We all know that ultraviolet radiation is very harmful to our screen and we all wear sunscreen to protect our screen from UV radiation. If our skin is exposed to the sun without sunscreen protection, the UV ray will cause problems like discoloration, unwanted pigments or freckles, premature signs of aging, wrinkly skin, etc. The UV Ray enters the inner layer of the skin through excessive sun exposure and majorly causes skin aging, harmful free radicals, and dehydration. Here sunscreen comes to play a great role by providing necessary protection from damaging our skin especially we are outside in the sun for long periods of time. Besides sunscreen, we should also keep our skin covered with protective clothes and limit sun exposure.  

Work-out Regularly

In addition to the above 5 points, regular work-out also helps promote cell growth as well as reduce stress from our lives. We develop a quality of sleep. Exercise is beneficial for our skin health as it replaces our damaged skin with new ones.

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