Covid-19: Know symptoms of Omicron variant infection and Safety measures

Covid-19: Know symptoms of Omicron variant infection and Safety measures

From the beginning of 2022, omicron variant infection has spread in every state fiercely. Though many people get vaccinated, they are still at risk of affecting it again. It is the third wave, and we do not know everything about the Omicron variant yet.

However, some typical symptoms of the delta variant are with some different symptoms present an omicron variant infection.

Symptoms of omicron variant infection:

With previous Covid-19 symptoms, omicron variant infection has some other symptoms. But for someone, it may feel like a ‘bad cold.’

If you get infected from omicron variant, you may have

  • Runny Nose
  • Headache
  • Fatigue
  • Sore throat
  • Sneezing

And with those symptoms, you may have,

  • A new Continuous Cough
  • Fever or High Temperature
  • Loss of Smell

After observing thousands of people, experts say omicron is milder than the previous variant infection. And people are less likely to admit to the hospital for a cure.

Tests for Covid-19 infection:

After detecting symptoms, you must test RT-PCR to diagnose the disease. The meaning of RT-PCR is Reverse transcription polymerase Chain Reaction. For this test, one needs the upper respiratory specimen. Only RT-PCR tests can show whether you get infected with a delta or omicron variant. But scientist estimates the percentage of infections with the new variant.


How is omicron different from other variants?

All Covid-19 viruses Delta or Omicron variants are mutating continuously. And the mutation resulted in new variants. 

To know the variant, one needs to test the variant. To identify, one must look for a genes test. The test detects three genes that are related to parts of the viruses. And those parts are Spike, Nucleo-capsid, and envelop. The Spike can confirm the variant. Only a full gene test that takes 4-5 days can fully tell you about the variant. In addition, a study says the omicron variant is half of the mutated delta variant.

Safety Measures if you get infected from Covid-19:


Once people get to know about Covid-19, they must go into self-isolation. In addition, you are at risk of Covid-19 infection even after vaccination. But people who are double-vaccinated and come into contact with Covid-19 positive people must check the seven-day flow test rather than immediately self-isolating.Important to note, the expert recommends self-isolation for seven days are enough.

Medication & Diet:

Must take medicines recommended by a doctor or physician timely. And protein-based diet is highly recommended.

Use Mask:

Using an N95 mask is safe for you. A surgical or single-layered mask may not protect against infection. If someone gets infected, other family members should wear the mask

Proper Ventilation:

Proper ventilation at home or living place is the need to avoid infection. Try not to stay in a poorly ventilated place.

Maintain Distance:

Maintain at least 1 meter of physical distance. It is essential to avoid infection.

Talk with your child:

Discuss the nature of omicron variant with the children and explain how the infection is spreading. And safety measures to avoid infection. It is crucial because some misinformation can lead to trouble of infection for your children.

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