Anaemia – types, causes, and prevention

Anaemia – types, causes, and prevention

The condition of lacking erythrocytes in your blood is called anaemia. We feel tired and weak in anaemic conditions. According to a survey of 2015, 58.4% of people in India are anaemic.

The common causes of anaemia

The populations include men, women, and children. One man in every five-man is anaemic. The women frequently face the condition because of the menstrual period and the development of the foetus during pregnancies. Malnutrition among children is the cause of the disease


The common causes of anaemia:

Haemoglobin is the red pigment in blood red blood cells. Haemoglobin carries oxygen from the lungs to every cell of the body. And also carry back the carbon-di-oxide to the lungs for exhaling. Iron helps build haemoglobin. And the lack of haemoglobin cause health issue in which people feel tired, weak, difficulty in breathing. Iron deficiency is a common cause of this disease, but there are different reasons. According to WHO standards, the correct quantity of haemoglobin is 12g/dL (decilitres) in females and 13g/dL in males. The less amount than the standard amount means anaemia.

Types of Anaemia:

There are different kinds of anaemia. However, the lack of red blood cells is the main reason.

  • Sickle Cell Disease: It is a genetic disease that means the health problem carried generation after generation. In this disease, the shape of red blood cells is improper in size as the crescent moon. Therefore it cannot carry oxygen easily through the blood vessels and get stuck.
The common causes of anaemia
  • Aplastic Anaemia: In this condition, bone marrow cannot produce enough blood cells or stop producing blood cells. And the lack of blood cells causes the disease. Stem cell or bone marrow transplantation is the treatment of the disease.
The common causes of anaemia
  • Thalassemia: It is an inherited disorder where haemoglobin is less than the standard count. The condition makes people feel fatigued.
The common causes of anaemia
  • Iron Deficiency Anaemia: It is the most common type. The lack of iron causes the disease. Sometimes it will be the diet that lacks enough iron. And the intestine cannot absorb minerals from the food of some people. So, people lack enough nutrients.
  • Vitamin deficiency: Vitamin B12 and Vitamin C deficiency cause health issues.
  • Haemolytic Anaemia: In this situation, erythrocytes (red blood cells) quickly break down.

Symptoms of Anaemia:

One can diagnose this health problem by detecting some signs and symptoms.

  • Pale or yellowish skin
  • Fatigued
  • Weakness
  • Irregular Heartbeats
  • Dizziness
  • Chest Pain
  • Cold hands and fee
  • Headaches
  • Loss of appetite

Treatment of Anaemia:

Visit a doctor when you find the mentioned symptoms. A doctor will prescribe blood tests like CBC (Complete Blood Count) to confirm your disease. The doctor will prescribe medicines and suggest a diet plan. However, thalassemia, Sickle cell disease, and Aplastic anaemia need special care. To diagnose the cause of the disease, a bone marrow biopsy, urine test, and colonoscopy are suggested. Dietary changes can also cure health issues.

Food one should eat to prevent anaemia:

  • Citrus fruits, berries are full of Vitamin C that can increase iron consumption.
  • Vegan people (who do not use animal products) must plan a proper diet to get iron.
  • Milk can reduce iron deficiency.
  • Add Egg White to your diet.
  • Pistachio, spinach and lettuce will help to absorb more iron.


 The modern lifestyle cursed us with many diseases. And one of those diseases is anaemia. Junk food eating, weak metabolism, lack of physical activities causes the disease unless it is inherited. Fresh fruits intake, yoga, and having a balanced diet will help us stay healthy and fit.

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