Hormone Harmony
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Hormone Harmony

Generally speaking, when you’re feeling miffed or testy the one question by someone from your family you are going to come across is that- “Is this your time of the month?” Most of the time women witness symptoms of menstruation at different emotional and physical levels. If you feel miffed, irritable, depressed or find yourself anxious during the initial few days of your period, you need not panic. It’s absolutely normal if one feels depressed at the time of having a menstrual period. Based on the expert’s opinion these emotional changes take place due to fluctuating hormone levels.

What Menstruation is

In order to know whether your menstrual cycle is functioning well or not all you need to know is that the disequilibrium hormone. Women’s menstrual cycle is nothing but the result of a hormonal harmony maintained between the pituitary gland in the brain and the ovaries. The pituitary gland releases hormones to tell the ovaries to create follicles. Thus, ovaries create an ideal environment for ovulation and every month the female sex hormones prepare the body to support impregnation, and without fertilization, there is menstruation (a period).

Menstrual Cycle

A typical cycle is determined a certain period of 24 days to 36 days followed by an average of 28 days for most women. This period of these days is generally known as the menstruation period.  So, the first day of the menstrual cycle is the first full bleeding day of the period. This is absolutely normal for one to have her cycle not abnormal for occasionally longer or shorter.

How menstruation affects women’s emotional health

India is known to be a fast-growing country for its commendable power of thinking. However, menstruation has evermore been viewed as a taboo unfortunately and it exists till date.  The unscientific myths have outcasted women from various aspects of socio-cultural life that leave a terrible impact on women and their emotional health, personality, lifestyle and most importantly, health.
Whereas this was not supposed to be the scenario. Menstruation is a phenomenon that makes girls unique. We must understand the ‘Women Periods’ is the monthly health report card that can never be a curse, but rather a blessing. The challenge of addressing the sociocultural taboos and myths about menstruation is further complicated by women’s lack of awareness, dearth of knowledge and no clear understanding of puberty, menstruation, and reproductive health. So, a strategic approach to combat these issues is highly required.

Periods – Health Card with A blessing, not a curse

There was a time when the menstrual used to be routinely referred to as the curse. We as a vibrant community with a vision pledge to make a prejudice-free society by spreading proper awareness to people that slowly brings changes and breaking the taboo around this “bloody” issue. Therefore, periods can never be a curse, but rather a blessing. Some of the reasons are furnished below.

•          The perfect equilibrium of hormone levels.

•          Your robust health is all set to rock the world.

•          Your bone health is perfectly good.

•          You don’t have thyroid

•          Your metabolism is strong.

•          You are in a healthy emotional and sexual state.

•          An undesirable body wait will never overpower you.

•          Your regular flow indicates your body doesn’t have anaemia.

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