Health Issues due to Iron Deficiency and Home Remedies

Health Issues due to Iron Deficiency and Home Remedies

Iron is a micronutrient and essential for human health. Red blood cells’ red pigment hemoglobin is an iron-containing protein. And this hemoglobin carries oxygen to all cells in our body. So even if the need for iron is little in quantity, it is vital.

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You can face health issues due to iron deficiency. However, people commonly suffer from anemia if they are iron deficient. Some common symptoms can tell you whether you are Iron deficient or not.

Iron Deficiency Symptoms:

People often suffer from iron deficiency anemia because Haemoglobin cannot produce without iron. If you are not consuming iron in the perfect quantity, you become anemic. An anemic person’s skin looks paler than before.

Some other symptoms include-

  • Cold Hands and Feet: If your hands and feet remain cooler than before, it means you are deficient in iron.
  • Feeling of Depression: Iron deficiency leads to depression in adults. In addition, lacking iron pregnant women feel depressed.
  • Strange Cravings: Craving for dirt, clay, chalk, or paper is a sign of iron deficiency. And most pregnant women suffer from this.
  • Feel Short of Breath: You may feel shortness of breathing after walking a few steps, chest pain, and a fast heartbeat. 
  • Poor Appetite: Iron deficiency anemia causes poor appetite for food especially in children.
  • Brittle Nails: Brittle or spoon-shaped nails are one of the symptoms.

Risk Factors:

Some groups of people are more prone to suffer from iron deficiency than others. First on the list are Women.

In between risk factors
  • Women: Women lose blood during menstruation and suffer iron deficiency anemia commonly. 
  • Infants & Children: Premature baby who has low birth weight and doesn’t get enough iron from breast milk is deficient in iron.
  • Frequent Blood Donor: Frequent blood donors are at higher risk of iron deficiency anemia.

It becomes severe if these health issues are left neglected. And it leads to heart problems, premature baby birth, and growth-related issues.


Home Remedies:

To prevent iron deficiency-related health risks, one may include these five foods. Some foods are rich in iron. You can reduce the risk by eating those foods. In addition, a man needs daily 4g of iron, female needs 3.5 g, while a child needs 3 g of iron.


1.Gooseberry or Amla: It is a superfood. It is rich in Vitamin C, iron, and calcium. An abundant amount of iron Amla cures anemia. There are many Amla recipes for consumption. An Amla a day works amazingly to keep you healthy.


2.Jaggery: A small portion of jaggery in your diet will fulfill the sugar’s need and daily need for Iron. One can replace sugar with jaggery as a healthy alternative.


3.Black-eyed Peas: This food is rich in iron. A little serving of this food gives you 26-29% of iron of daily requirement. So for sure include it in your diet


4. Raisin and Apricot: Dried fruits are a rich source of iron. Raisin and apricots are full of copper and iron. Must intake if you are suffering deficiency.

Iron deficiency

5.Red Meat: Red Meat is full of iron. Having red meat, one can easily avoid health risks because our body absorbs more iron from meat than other sources.

Frequently Asked Question

When to see a doctor when deficient in iron?


If you feel rapid breath, cold feet, or pale skin you must visit a doctor. A doctor will suggest some medicines to prevent your iron deficiency. Also, he/she may suggest diet as per your situation.

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Is Iron Supplement beneficial?


 If your iron level is very low a doctor may suggest an iron supplement. It is better to intake supplements as per the doctor’s suggestion. Not all, but some pregnant women need iron supplements.

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