Seven ways to soothe & smooth your Dry Itchy Skin in this winter

Seven ways to soothe & smooth your Dry Itchy Skin in this winter

Winter, cold south wind, and dry skin! Dry skin is a common but unavoidable problem of winter. And flakes of dead skin cells come out and itch a lot. However, everyone does not follow skin care routine.

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The itchy skin in winter follows dermatitis. Dermatitis has many causes and forms in dry skin. And dry skin is not only dry wind but is other factors also responsible for itchy, flaky skin. We know what to use in winter to soothe skin or for skin care. Yet, we do not know what is suitable for our skin type.

Seven causes of Dry Itchy Skin in winter:

At first, we should know what causes are responsible. Thus, we can be aware of the causes then it becomes easier to prevent.

  • Low Humidity: Humidity means the quantity of moisture in the air. And humidity remains low in the wintertime. And the air with low humidity takes the moisture from our skin.
  • Cold Wind: Blow of cold wind is strict and harsh for our skin. The cold wind always has low humidity. And the blow of wind takes moisture from the skin.
  • Using heater at home: We use room heaters in winter to heat our living rooms or indoors. However, the heater dries out moisture in our indoors and our skin.
  • Winter Clothing: Thick woollen clothing irritates dry skin. Moreover, a person feels itches. Some people have allergies to woollen clothing.
  • Using Harsh Soap: Using soaps without moisturizing substances can dry out your skin more.
  • Hot Water Bathing: Hot water bath is pleasuring in cold temperatures. However, 10 minutes bath in hot water removes the layer of natural oil from your skin.
  • Solar Heat: We all feel relaxing while sitting in sunlight on a sunny afternoon and peeling oranges. Or relax on a sunny day on a sea beach. But excessive sunlight can damage your skin.

Seven Home Remedies to soothe & smooth your Dry Itchy Skin in winter:

  1. Choose a Correct Moisturizer: There are several home remedies every one of us has listened to and known. Using mustard oil, coconut oil, and petroleum jelly is not always suitable for your skin care. But that does not mean those are not working. There is a division of skin types. Choosing and using lotion or cream according to the skin is preferable to get problem less skin.

▪ For oily skin types, a light moisturizer is enough.

▪ However, for combination skin choose a moisturizing lotion is perfect.

▪ And for dry skin, a cream-based moisturizer or ointment is good. It will stick to your skin and keep it hydrated all day long.

▪ If you have sensitive skin, use a moisturizer with less than ten ingredients.

▪ And if you have an itchy skin problem, you must visit a doctor for advice and recommendation.


2. Use Warm Water: Using warm water for bathing will keep your skin hydrated. Therefore, select warm water for bathing instead of hot water.


3. Avoid Direct Heat: Avoid direct heat from the sun or heater. By avoiding you can avoid sunburns and dry skin problems


4. Use a soap-free cleanser: Use a soap-free cleanser. It will not remove the layer of natural oil from your skin. Or use a moisture, some oils, and glycerine based soap is soothing.


5. Wear cotton or silk cloth: Wear cotton or silk cloth under winter woolen clothing. Silk or soft cotton clothes are comforting for your skin. But avoid woolen clothing if you have allergies.


6. Avoid scrubbing : If you already have damaged and dry skin, do not use bath scrubs, scrub sponges or wash towels. Try soft touch, if you are habituated to using it.


7. Do not scratch: Do not scratch your itchy skin. You can damage your skin badly, and then it will take more time to repair. If you feel itchy use moisturizer or ointment instead of scratching.

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