Five Environmental Factors Impact Our Health and Prevention tips

Five Environmental Factors Impact Our Health and Prevention tips

A clean environment means clean air, water, soil, and healthy food that grow on fertile land. But today, every element is polluted. And it was impacting not only human health but also the health of every other creature on the planet. 

The chemicals emitted through factories are dispersed in the air we breathe. Meanwhile, it causes diseases like lung disease, inflammation, stroke, and heart disease. 

Just like air pollution water is getting contaminated day by day. Heavy metals from the factories used drained into the river and oceans impacting marine life. Hence, the ecosystem imbalance results in the extinction of many species. We are exhausting groundwater for huge demand in irrigation and for development, which causes a drinking water crisis.

Not only have that, but the noise pollution we tolerate in daily life also impacted our health badly. 

The negative impact does not escape soil with chemical fertilizers, plastic wastes and many other wastes mix up with soil and harm it. 

Prevention of Air Pollution Related Health Issues:

There is end number of reasons for air pollution but we can reduce it. To prevent health impacts from air pollution-

  • Use public transport or share vehicle to reduce the emission of harmful gases.
  • Wear a mask before going outside to avoid the impact of air pollution. 
  • Open your windows and doors once a day to avoid health issues. 
  • Do not use pesticides or spray them around the house. 

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Prevent Chemical Related Health Impact in daily life:

Nowadays, everywhere you have to get in touch with chemicals. From your morning toothpaste to a sanitizer, everything is made of chemicals. To prevent the effect must follow the tips-

  • Wear glasses while using sprays for cleaning or pesticides.
  • Wear a mask when you are spraying so that it will not enter into your nasal. 
  • Use Latex gloves while using the dish wash bar or cleaning your toilet. 
  • Do not use two or more cleansers together. 

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Prevent Water Contamination and Save Water:

Water gets contaminated easily by pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers, plastics, oil, metals detergent, and many other non-biodegradable materials. To prevent water pollution-

  • Must reduce plastic use and practice re-use or recycling. 
  • Prevent using chemicals in water resources. 
  • Don’t throw trash on waterways. Trash will block waterways and contaminate them.
  • Maintain vehicles properly so that they will not leak. 

Drink good quality water or purify water before drinking. Practice rainwater harvesting and do not waste it for a sustainable future. 

Soil Pollution Impact on Health and Prevention:

Soil pollution is caused by waste disposal, deforestation, agricultural activities, nuclear wastes, and heavy metals. 

Plants and crops are grown on the polluted soil absorb it. And when it is passed to humans it causes health issues like skin disease, respiratory disease, and others. 

To prevent soil pollution follow the tips below-

  • Reduce the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. 
  • Reforestation or afforestation prevents soil erosion and restores minerals. 
  • Manage waste disposal in a scientific manner. 
  • Re-use and Recycle plastic products. Reduce the disposal of plastic. 
plastic products, need to clean environment.

By using biodegradable manure, we can restore the soil quality and prevent the health impact from it. 

Effect of Climate Changing on Health and Prevention: 

Climate Changing affects living creatures’ health directly and indirectly. It is assumed that between 2030 to 2050, approx. 250000 deaths because of heat stress, malaria, and malnutrition. 

It is the biggest health threat. And we are paying for extreme weather, viral infections, disease breakout, and poor nutrition. 

It is high time to balance everything and switch to sustainable steps ahead. 

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