Bio-hacking! What is it?

Bio-hacking! What is it?

‘Bio-hacking’, when the name pops in front of the eye or is listened to, it gives a thought of something unknown. Or some of you may think of sci-fi movies. However, all of us know about bio-hacking. Bio-hacking consists of simple techniques to improve performance in day-to-day life is called Natural Bio-hacking. Also, some people DIY their Bio-hackings with the help of certain substances. Some people improve the performance of their organs through Grinder. Bio-hackers generally experiment with the function of the body and experience the difference. Implanting computer chips or using other gadgets is a kind of bio-hacking is also called body hacking. In addition, nutrigenomics is another type of Bio-hacking that focuses on suitable food for your genes. Nootropics are also bio-hacking substances.

What motivates people bio-hack themselves?

We all can do natural bio-hack to feel better than before. Natural Biohacking includes proper sleep, spending time in nature or ecotherapy, moving the body properly or exercising, eating good food or an appropriate diet for metabolism, and good social connections or healthy relationships.
Well, many people use biotechnologies for bio-hacking. When people know the benefits of simple biohacking may improvise organs or body functions, the concept of bio-hacking comes into mind. And sometimes implant also benefitted people.
Some bio-hackings practiced by bio-hackers are as follows:

• DIY Biology: Do-it-yourself biology includes research work with biology like traditional researchers. And they use it to improvise their body.

• Neutrigenomics: Nutrigenomics bio-hacking focuses on how food affects the body and genetic expression. This biohacking is optimized by testing how nutrients react to health. And that reaction differs from human to human.

• Grinder: Another type of bio-hacking is a grinder bio-hacking subculture. Every body part can be bio-hacked through gadgets, chemical injections, and implants in this bio-hacking.

How safe is bio-hacking?

Some forms of bio-hacking are risk-free to practice. If you have chosen any Natural Bio-hacking like proper sleep, Yoga, ecotherapy, etc. it will be safe and beneficial. Taking some supplements or medicine under expert recommendation and guidance is also safe bio-hacking. Additionally, some implants supervised by medical expertise are safe too.

However, some methods can be experimental and risky. Hence, it is good not to practice that unethical bio-hacking.

What is a nootropic?

 Nootropic or cognitive enhancers are some supplements or medicines which treat some cognitive deficits. A known nootropic for all is – caffeine. Using and safety of nootropics are debatable.

Some nootropic medications can be unsafe without the recommendation of a medical professional.

How beneficial is bio-hacking?

Bio-hacking is advantageous to improve your body and mind function. It will increase the functioning of body parts. There is no harm if incorporating some substances for the improvement of health under expert supervision.

Simple hacks that we can practice at home are as follows:

  1. Elimination of something in regular diet
  2. Using different colors of lights for mood-boosting
  3. Using Music for mental health
  4. Intermittent fasting; fasting in which one eats food within a certain period. For instance, eating food from 6 am to 6 pm and then fasting. And again eat on the next day.

Important to mention, the idea of bio-hacking is all about the improvement of health. However, do not try harmful things in the name of bio-hacking.

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