Are you at risk of COVID-19 infection even after vaccination!

Are you at risk of COVID-19 infection even after vaccination!

Starting from February 2020, Covid-19 infection spread in our country. We were at home and fear of getting infected. We had struggled with difficulties and started another year in 2021. Then Covid-19 vaccines were innovated. And you and I were thinking about saving ourselves from this infection after vaccination. Then we came to know some people are at risk of Covid-19 spread even after vaccination.  

However, everyone needs to get vaccinated for safety. Here you get to know the importance of vaccination and who are at risk of infection.

Importance of Vaccination:

A vaccine is a preparation that increases immunity against a particular virus that causes a disease. For example, there are polio drops for polio prevention, chickenpox vaccine, the vaccine for measles and tetanus. And those vaccines work wonderfully for all of us.

But Covid-19 virus has different variants. As per studies, vaccination may not effectively work for everyone. And previous vaccines may not work for new variant omicron. Some important points about Covid-19 vaccinations are:

  • It will increase your immunity to fight against the virus.
  • It reduces the severity of the disease even if one gets infected after vaccination.
  • Also, help to reduce the long-term and short-term effect of complications after infection in children.
  • Vaccination gives protection to family and society spread.

Who are at Risk?

  • The people, who are suffering from Covid-19 infection now, should not get vaccinated for a certain period (as per guidelines). For them, the vaccine will not work for an interval.
  • Some people have poor immunity, or in other words, their defense system against infection is weak. Those people are at risk of infection. And with the condition of low immunity, the people are known as immune-compromised. Persons who suffer from kidney disease, cancer, bone marrow diseases are immune-compromised and more likely to get infected with poor recovery.

What are the Safety Majors?

  • Researches on the effectiveness of the Covid-19 vaccination are going on. Up to now, we don’t know how long vaccination will work to protect us from infections. But at present, vaccination keeps you safer than people who are not vaccinated.
  • Persons underlying medical advice, or immune-compromised people should follow all safety majors like mask-wearing, social distancing, and sanitizing hands frequently even after vaccination.
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is still researching and learning about vaccination and its effects. So CDC updates guidance when with more information.
  • Also, CDC is recommending a booster dose of vaccination for immune-compromised people.


The studies and evidence find that Covid-19 vaccination is safe and effective. Therefore, you must get the vaccine. But we should not forget safety majors because immunity may vary according to time, even if you are fit & healthy at present. For a healthy and beautiful world, we must remember our responsibilities to fight against pandemics and help others.

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