Top healthy lunch ideas at the workplace

Top healthy lunch ideas at the workplace

Work pressure, hope to give your best, and many other thoughts in our mind stop us thinking about healthy lunch while we skip breakfast in the morning rush.

And you end up eating some junk fast food, and secondly, you drink black coffee, that stops your hungry stomach. All these things go in cycling procedure. And you can’t able to find time to do something healthy for yourself. So, the continuity in unhealthy routine makes you unhealthy, obese, disrupt your sleep health, mentally and physically exhausted. Meanwhile, you start hating your job and life.

However, some easy lifestyle changing tips aid your health in a better way and you can enjoy your life. Here, read the procedure to stay healthy in addition to healthy lunch.

Say NO to junk food:

Eating a burger, pizza, French fries or Maggi is easy at lunch while working. It doesn’t take much time. Moreover, your stomach remains full for long after eating those foods. Sometimes we do not have any other options but fast foods. These foods are full of starch and overloaded with salt. That is harmful to our bodies.  Therefore, we must become mindful of the food we eat.

Cut Cold Drinks:

Cold drinks, packed juices, energy drinks, sodas, and other caffeinated drinks are tasty. However, those drinks do not provide refreshments. On other hand, those drinks add more sugar to your diet. As a solution, opt for herbal tea or green tea will provide you antioxidants and healthy.

Keep some healthy snacks at desk:

Some healthy snacks like almonds, pine nuts, roasted Bengal gram (aka chana), and peanuts are the best options for off-time munching. These foods as snacks feel fuller and add on to nutrition with essential vitamins and minerals.

Drink plenty of water:

In work pressure, we also forget to drink adequate water. And not drinking water end up in muscle cramps, indigestion, toxicity, and urinary infection. Therefore, we must drink plenty of water to keep healthy. In addition, air-conditioner in-office skin and eye get dry. Hence, we need proper hydration balanced by the water.

Pack your lunch from home:

 It is best to add nutrition to your type of taste if you start making food for yourself. However, focus on food quantity. Here, know about eight healthy lunch ideas.

  1. Lemon rice: Lemon rice is easy, quick to make the dish. Also, you can make it with leftover rice. Add some veggies and protein to your rice. So, it will become a balanced diet.
  2. Masala Poha: Masala poha is delicious, light, yet healthy food for lunch. Add plenty of vegetables to it.
  3. Moong Dal khichdi: It is the most traditional and healthy recipe. With moong dal and rice, you can add some peas, carrots, and cauliflower too. This tasty recipe is full of protein, healthy carbohydrates, and minerals.
  4. Pasta Salad: Pasta lovers can make pasta salads for them. Mix two type of pasta, toss it in vinegar, add fresh vegetables, and top it with fresh cream.
  5. Chicken Sandwich: The chicken sandwich is simple yet tasty food. It will add daily needed protein to the diet. Add some fresh lettuce for more fiber and minerals.
  6. Chapati and mix vegetables: When we say ‘Ghar ka khana’, most of the time it is chapati, with a spoon of ghee. And with mixed vegetables, it will cover all your needs for lunch.
  7. Rice, Sambhar, and card: Yum in taste and full of nutrition. The card in the dish will add probiotics that are healthy for the stomach. Sambhar is full of veggies also gives protein.
  8. Pea’s pulao and cucumber raita: Pea’s pulao and cucumber raita are perfect for lunch. It will give you fulfillment and peace after eating. Next time make it and load it into your lunch box.

Tackle food craving with fruits:

After some hours of healthy lunch, you may feel a craving for food. To tackle the food craving, eat fresh fruits rather eating biscuits, salty snacks, etc.

Bottom Line:

With healthy eating, you can see the difference in your energy level. Also, slowly but gradually, your health issues start reducing. Although it seems difficult at first, it is only a few steps away from your daily routine.  

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