This is how you stay healthy and happy this Winter!

This is how you stay healthy and happy this Winter!

Winter is about cold temperatures, food delicacies, festivals, sweaters, and parties. But like every other season, it has cons too. We have to look after, take care of our health throughout the season. In addition, winter feels like a curse to people who have asthma, arthritis, joint pain, or lung-related health issues.

Dry air, less sunlight, lazy days make you a dull boy (or girl). To stay fit, you must be active rather than covering a blanket and watching videos.

Six health care tips you should follow in winter:

  1. The first one is Stay Active. An evening walk, running, playing badminton or football improve blood circulation; also activate your cells and movements helps to digest food in your stomach. Exercise and physical activity will boost your immunity to all common cold viruses. Must take care of yourself and your family when the pandemic is still a reason for worrying.
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2. Stay Clean: You may feel lazy about bathing and cleaning because the water is so cold. Also, many of you fear cold and shivering. And cold water gives shockwaves whenever you touch it. But here is the point to note. Laziness becomes the enemy. In the winter season, we do not get enough sunlight, not even outdoors. To avoid infection, take a bath with Luke warm water and wash your hands frequently. It may be a heavy coat or winter suit, but clean it because winter dresses catch dust and dirt you can’t see.

3. Have Nutritional Food: Full sleeve dresses, slanting sunlight, fog, clouds, and lack of vitamin D. For omega 3 and Vitamin D have leafy green. Also, you must intake vitamin C to boost immunity. So, add more oranges, lettuce, and other seasonal fruits. And have vegetable soups, stew to get warmth with a healthy diet. Winter is the season when you can add more colors to your diet with fresh carrots, radish, cauliflower, cabbage, green peas, tomato, and leafy veggies. More colors of veggies mean the availability of essential nutrients. Add dairy products like yogurt, milk. Add garlic, ginger that will give you warmth and prevent inflammation. 

Six health care tips winter season

4. Stay Hydrated: Winter season in India means less humidity. Our skin becomes dry and rough. Also, we need water to stay hydrated inside. But many of us feel lazy at the time of drinking water, or we fear a cold feeling in the stomach. However, it is necessary to hydrate yourself in this season. You can drink herbal tea to stay hydrated and have warmth. Your skin will remain hydrated by drinking enough water. 

5. Skin Care: Apply Moisturizer on your skin. It is better to use lukewarm water than hot water because hot water is harmful to the skin. Do not expose your skin to the sun for a long time. Even winter sunlight can damage your skin.

6. Check Up Regularly: Cold temperature can increase blood pressure. It also triggers asthma, flu, painful joints. The rise in blood pressure will increase the risk of heart attacks. Therefore to prevent health issues, a regular checkup is helpful. 

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The Winter season has its beauty and charm. A few simple lifestyle changes can help you enjoy it better. Share tips and take care of the people surrounding you.


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    Vaseline in winters is almost like God sent for dry skinned people.

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