Ten Natural tips to stay healthy & happy during pregnancy

Ten Natural tips to stay healthy & happy during pregnancy

Pregnancy and motherhood is the beautiful experience in women’s life. So, every woman should know these healthy pregnancy tips if she is pregnant or planning for pregnancy. However, many health issues may pop up this time if a woman does not care about her health.

Right after getting pregnant, a woman may feel sudden changes in her body. A mild cramping and slight bleeding may experience during the implantation procedure. Then, morning sickness, mood swings, tiredness, frequent urination, and fast breathing indicate changes in your body during pregnancy. Hence, women, be ready, know the tips, and enjoy every day in pregnancy.

Eat Healthily, Stay healthy:

Minerals and vitamins are crucial to eating for a healthy pregnancy. A baby in your womb needs nutrition for healthy growth. Important to note must eat iron, folate, and calcium-rich foods this time. Include sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, green beans, orange, soya beans, eggs, and nuts for folate. For calcium, add milk, cheese, or yogurt to the diet. Eat colorful fruits and vegetables regularly. Moreover, eat certain fish to get Omega-3 which aids the brain development of your baby.

Stay Hydrated:

Your blood volume increase during pregnancy. And to supply essential nutrients and oxygen to the baby in the womb woman’s body does the extra activity. Therefore, one must increase water intake to carry out extra activities in the body. Stay hydrated by drinking 8-10 glasses of water for a healthy pregnancy. Staying hydrated also helps avoid constipation, fatigue, headaches, UTIs, and other issues. 

Go to Check-Ups regularly:

Women should go for Check-ups to avoid complications while giving birth or baby health issues. It is observed that women who do not go for check-ups during pregnancy are more likely to have complications. 

Plan travel smartly: 

If you are pregnant, you cannot plan traveling any time. The best time to travel during pregnancy is 18-24th week. While traveling, stay hydrated to avoid diarrhea. Seat carefully in cars to avoid sudden shocks and jerks. Also, you may consult journey with your doctor for best-suited advice. 

Avoid alcohol and smoke: 

A woman must avoid drinking alcohol during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. A woman who drinks alcohol or smoke during pregnancy may have a baby with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Or may have a miscarriage and poor outcomes. Therefore, for healthy pregnancy say not to alcohol & smoke.

Avoid Certain Foods: 

Some foods every pregnant woman must avoid. The foods are unpasteurized milk, rare meat, liver, raw eggs, soft cheese, etc. 

Move your body and Exercise:

Staying active is salient to reducing anxiety and healthy sleeping. Also, exercising prevents weight gain. Take a pregnancy exercise class after consulting your doctor. Movements will help detox and make you feel relaxed. Also, you can practice simple yoga for 30 minutes in indoors. In addition, one must avoid over-exercising. 

Reduce Stress:

Stress affects badly on health. And for a healthy pregnancy, you must reduce stress. Listening to music, practicing yoga, reading a good book, go for shopping, gossip with friends is the best stress reducer during pregnancy. People can also do activities that make them happy and stress-free. 

Stay Clean: 

Wash your hands to prevent infections. Clean your living room to the kitchen. All dirty stuff may increase the infection risk. So be clean for a healthy and happy pregnancy. 

Get plenty of sleep:

Sleep health is important during pregnancy. Sleep at least 7-8 hours for complete rest. Additionally, try to sleep on your left side for good blood flow. If you face sleep disturbances, you can take naps or consult a doctor for better sleep health and healthy pregnancy. 

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