Protect yourself from the effect of high temperature

Protect yourself from the effect of high temperature

Due to human’s irrational work, all living creatures are affected by high temperatures globally. Exposure to the high heat results in disability and premature death.

Heatwaves in April-May month in India impact large populations and trigger public health. At that time also an insufficiency of health services delivery capacity. Also, insufficiency of awareness increases the health issues.

Naturally, our body cools itself through perspiration. However, constant exposure to high temperature and humidity results in illness. Here, read about health-related issues people will face in this high temperature.

High Heat-related health issues:

Human body temperature is 37˚C in normal conditions. Our body can adjust to slight temperature differences naturally. But when a 1˚C difference occurs, it indicates infections or environmental effects.

When temperature and humidity rise, people feel irritation, loss of concentration, and loss of energy. In addition, continuous sweating affects blood pressure and people often feel dizzy.

People feel comfortable in the 21-27˚C temperature. When the temperature rises more than 30˚C it interrupts normal day performance and mental work.

However, not every people affected the same by high temperature. People with heavyweight may feel difficulty adapting to heat. Also, people with poor health, heart diseases, high blood pressure, respiratory diseases, and diabetes need special precautions.

Additionally, people who have skin diseases must not expose bare skin to the sun.

Illness related to high temperature:

  • Swelled ankles or heat edema occur to working in high temperatures.
  • Excessive sweating cause salt loss in the body and results in muscle cramps.
  • Heat exhaustion occurs because of water loss, and it includes nausea, dizziness, vomiting, diarrhea, and muscle cramps.
  • Heatstroke occurs when the temperature rises above 40˚C. It is the loss of consciousness.
  • Heat rashes are tiny red spots on the skin that occurs in high heat and provide inflammation and itching sensation.

Six ways to stay healthy in high temperatures:

Schedule your day avoiding midday sun:

If you need to go outside and work then schedule it for early morning or late evening. Stay in shade and drink water. Avoid midday or midafternoon sun to stay safe.

Work according to your fitness level:

People with high blood pressure, diabetes, and other illness must avoid heavy strenuous work outside. It will result in serious medical conditions. Therefore, it is better to check fitness before work on high-heat days.

Check your clothes:

We sweat heavily in the summertime. Hence, to avoid irritation we must wear soft cotton clothes of light color. Dark colors absorb heat. Also, keep it loose-fitting so your skin can breathe and you feel comfortable.

Drink Plenty of Water:

People of all ages must drink plenty of water to hydrate. Sweating and heat cause water and salt loss. To balance the dehydrate condition drink water with electrolytes or coconut water.

Check your Diet:  

Check your diet and add more water-based food. Some foods boost immunity in summer, must intake them. Eat small portions but eat frequently to avoid indigestions. Avoid intake of high-protein food.

Seek Medical Advice:

If you and any other people surrounding you feel unwell, or you find any extremities, must seek medical emergencies. Care people surround you to protect and spread awareness.

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