How Mental Health is making the World a Better Place

How Mental Health is making the World a Better Place

Mind talks more than we talk. A healthy mental state is high-yielding for new ideas, innovations, awareness, and managing any situation with proficiency. And it is essential to make our society and the world a better place. When we talk about wellness, it does not mean only physical health but also depends on psychological and emotional health. In this competitive world, many of us are not thinking or aware of our mental health. And this leads to depression, anxiety, and suicide. In addition, mental illness can affect any person without any age bar. A little child to teenage, female or male, or any old person, anyone may feel stressed, anxious, and mentally ill.

Risk Factors related to Mental Health:

Risks:  We hardly look after our or someone else’s mental illness because we are not aware of mental health. And ill mental health calls many other health risks. Some risk factors related to mental illness are heart disease, diabetes, and stroke.

Many a time, mental illness results in self-harm, criminal thoughts, and suicide. People face relationship difficulties, friendlessness, family conflicts, and detachment from reality.

Causes of Mental Illness:

  • Genes Play a role: People who have relatives with mental health issues’ history are more prone to suffer mental illness. Some genes may increase the risk of mental illness development.
  • Brain Chemistry: When the function of nerve receptors and the nervous system changes, it sums up to a change in neurotransmitters. And that leads to mental illness. 
  • Social Conditions: Social rules lead to discrimination. That racial, financial, or gender-based discrimination becomes the reason for depression and mental disorder. 
  • Environmental Exposure: Environmental stressors, inflammatory conditions, alcohol, or drug before birth sometimes cause mental disorders.

Obstacles of Mental Health Disorder:

Mental health disorders sometimes become a reason for mental illness. And that illness is linked to complications which include:

  • Lack of joyfulness
  • Difficulties in concentration
  • Weak metabolism
  • Poverty
  • Drug Addiction
  • Self-harm or harm to others
  • Weak Immunity System
  • Heart Disease

Importance of Mental Health Awareness and Preventions:

If you are reading this, you already know that mental health is as important as physical health. But spreading awareness about it is the need of the hour. To make the world a better living place, we should stop social, racial discrimination. And talk about mental health if we feel someone needs help. Unlike physical health issues, we should talk over mental health issues. Here is some prevention that can be suggested or practiced if anyone is feeling mentally unwell.

  • Educate and spread awareness about mental illness:  Learn about mental illness. People often misunderstand mental illness. Learn and share with others. Talk with children or people of any age if you come to know the people/child is mentally unwell. It is not age-related.
  • Be Compassionate: Use kind words. Ask people to show empathy to the person who is mentally ill. Using harsh words and showing disregard can be harmful. Be compassionate and kind while talking.
  • Talk with everyone you know: Talk with your friends, family members, colleagues, or known persons. Help them if you find they are depressed or stressed. Or help yourself by taking your stress. 
  • Share the experience:  Share your experience that how you overcome stress. Share another person’s story of stress overcoming. The listening experience can be relaxing. 
  • Influence Physical health to support mental health:  Tell people to have a good diet and physical fitness. It is because physical health has a direct impact on mental health. Also, practice the same for yourself.
  • Suggest Medical care: Go to routine checkup, discuss your situations with an expert. The expert will help with therapies and medicines too. Also, suggest medical care with other people if they are feeling mentally ill. 

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