Muscle Pain: Causes and home remedies

Muscle Pain: Causes and home remedies

We often feel pain in various areas of our bodies. Sometimes the pain is in the back, hand, calf muscle, neck muscle, etc. There are several reasons for muscle pain. And, everyone feels it differently. Here, read about the reasons for the pain you have.

Causes of Muscle Pain:

  • Autoimmune diseases cause pain. Lupus, Dermatomyositis, and Polymyositis are autoimmune diseases that attack healthy muscle tissues. And for this attack, muscles get inflammation, swelling, weakness, and pain.
  • Sometimes we get hurt with shock or impulsion. And after a few days, we feel pain in our muscles. It happens because injury becomes chronic over the time.
  • Stress in muscles due to high activity or work stress. The repetitive mode of work, playing sports, sleeping in an awkward position causes pain.
  • One can also feel muscle pain with certain kinds of medications. Medicines like Statins and ACE inhibitors cause pain in the muscle. In addition, Statins is a group of medications, used to treat high cholesterol. The medicine ACE inhibitors help open and relax blood vessels.
  • Neuromuscular diseases affect muscles due to problems with nerves. And people feel weakness in this disease which is related to pain. 
  • Moreover, cold temperature is one of the reasons for pain in muscle.

We feel pain in muscle at various places of the body:

  • Pain at the calf of legs
  • Back Pain
  • Chest Pain
  • Leg Muscle
  • Hand Muscle
  • Thigh Muscles
  • And Neck Pain

Home Remedies to get rid of pain in muscle:

Natural remedy for Calf Muscle Pain:

Calf pain can occur for many causes like running, weak muscle, dehydration, cramps, etc.

  • For remedy, you can bandage the portion of pain with the cloth.
  • Also, to reduce inflammation, you can use an ice pack covered with a cloth for 10-15 minutes.
  • Rest your leg and elevate it with the help of a pillow.
  • Additionally, some gentle stretches can help relax your pain.
Home remedy for Back Muscle Pain:

This pain can occur due to long time sitting, shock, not exercising, weakness, etc.

To relieve yourself from back pain, you can try these home remedies.

  • Exercise and stretch your back in a suitable position. And that will lose stiff muscles.  
  • Try hot-cold therapy for pain relief.
  • Wear a perfect shoe that evenly carries your weight. Hence, it will not affect the legs and lower back.
  • Do not sit in one position for long.
  • Reduce stress
Hand muscle pain and remedy:

The hand can ache due to muscle strain, cuts, burns, and repetitive work.

You can relax your hand pain by

  • Rest your hand and do not use the injured portion much.
  • Also, wearing a compression bandage can prevent swelling.
  • Ice pack therapy for 20 minutes can also reduce your pain.
  • To ease stiffness, keep moving your wrists and fingers.
Natural remedy of Leg Muscle Pain:

Leg pain is usual, and there is no age boundary for leg pain. A child can hurt his leg while playing. Old people have leg ache for nutritional deficiency and weak muscle strength. A few natural remedies will help you relieve your leg pain.

  • To reduce pain, you can soak your leg in Epsom salt solution. It will minimize inflammation.
  • Next, taking a warm bath and stretching can help.
  • Also, monitor your BP & cholesterol level.
  • One can also apply Turmeric paste to reduce swelling and inflammation.

Important to know, overweight is one of the crucial reasons for leg pain. Thus, maintaining a healthy weight is needed.

Thigh Muscle pain and remedy:

Thigh pain ranges from light to sharp sensation. And you will feel difficulty while walking if you have thigh pain.

Prevent the pain with some home remedy tips:

  • Rest your legs. Do not work out so much and add stress in the pain area.
  • Exercise for strengthening your thigh muscles.
  • Manage your weight.
  • And moderate your activity.
Bottom Line:

Pain can sometimes be very sharp and you cannot bear it. At that time, you much visit a doctor for medications. Although many times home remedies can cure ache. A healthy lifestyle and regular exercise will help you live a healthy life.

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